Friday, December 23, 2011

Basil Garlic Sausage

Grinding some pork
So here is my second post on making sausage. After my friend Maggie brought up the fact that most people can't make this at home, I realized it is best to make this post short and sweet.

If you want to do this at home refer to my first post on making sausage, or if you are really serious, buy Polcyn and Ruhlman's book, Charcuterie. That book will get you rolling out sausages and other meaty dishes in no time.

As you will notice, all of my measurements are in weight and not volume. This is how you make a large scale recipe as the variance in ingredients is too great with respect to volume. If you don't have a scale then pick one up! You won't be able to make sausage without it.

What I will make a big deal out of here is the cooling process involved with the sausage. We do this to keep the fat firm. If the meat is at or near room temperature, the fat becomes like butter and we get a mealy dough of sausage in the end. Keep the meat cold and you will get a sausage with professional definition.

This is a loose sausage recipe, but you can stuff it into casings as well. I did half of each when I made this as I am using some of it to make the sauce for my Umbrain Lasagna tomorrow.

Stuffed in casings
Basil Garlic Sausage:
5 lbs of partially frozen fatty pork butt
40 grams crushed garlic
10 to 20 grams chopped basil
10 grams coarsely ground pepper
40 grams coarse kosher salt
1 cup chilled red wine

1. Dice the pork into large pieces and toss with the garlic, basil, pepper, and salt. Put this in the freezer for 10 minutes to cool the ingredients before grinding. Put your grinder in the freezer during this time as well.
2. Grind your meat along with seasonings into a bowl.
3. Add the red wine and mix the sausage with a kitchen aid or by hand until it has a tacky appearance as seen below.
4. Use as a loose sausage or stuff the mixture into casings.
Before the binding (mixing)

After the binding

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