Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ponzu or Soy Glazed Salmon

After picking up some ponzu sauce from the store a week ago I have been trying to use it as much as possible. It's not that it is expensive or that it easily spoils, but I just like the flavor of it. I used it with the tempura last night and I've been dipping my meats in it now and then to see how I would like to use it.

Ponzu sauce should be in your local supermarket right along with all the other Asian specialty items. If you can't find it, that's okay because you can use soy sauce as well.

Now, about the salmon. I personally don't like salmon cooked with the skin on it. Removing it with a knife is incredibly difficult. However, I do have a quick trick to remove it. Broil the salmon skin side up until you can smell the fish cooking. Take the fish out and carefully peel the skin away.

Any cut of salmon will work, and this recipe can be multiplied as much as you wish. I should also note that you can cook the salmon any way you wish too.

The most important part is to under cook the salmon before you throw it under the broiler. If you don't, the salmon will keep cooking and well, you know what happens next.

Ponzu or Soy Glazed Salmon:
1 pound salmon, skin removed (optional)
1/4 cup ponzu or soy sauce
1 tablespoon honey or sugar

1. Heat the ponzu sauce and the honey in a saucepan over medium heat and reduce it until it is thick and syrupy. Do not boil/overheat the sauce or it will take on a very deep earthy flavor which is undesirable for this dish.
2. When the sauce is made, preheat an oven to 375F.
3. Baste the salmon with the sauce and bake until slightly under cooked.
4. Remove the salmon from the oven and keep the door open. Turn your broiler on and set your rack so that the salmon will be an inch or so away from the flame.
5. Baste the salmon again and then caramelize the sauce on top to finish the salmon.

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