Monday, February 27, 2012

The Terimayo Japadog

I am usually against all things hot dog when it comes to the winter months, but when I saw this monstrosity on TV I just had to try it. Okay, I also had to use up some nori that I had sitting in the cabinets too, but that is beside the point. I did call this a a monstrosity, but to be perfectly honest I could eat every hot dog like this from now on. (Although, I can't expect someone to have nori and Japanese mayo at their summer cookout.) I think this recipe originated in Toronto, but I might be wrong. Either way this is just a teriyaki hot dog with mayo and nori on top. It is nothing complicated and certainly not a traditional Japanese food, but I had three of them for dinner. So yea... they're good.

As usual I have some notes about the ingredients. I used an all beef hot dog here but I am pretty sure any old hot dog will do here. In fact, I heard that kurobuta dogs are something worth trying, but that is for another day. Anyway, once you have a good quality dog, get some large buns to go with them. I absolutely hate buns that just barely fit the hot dog. We want to fit toppings in the bun, not on the bun. (That said, the dogs I used here were a bit small for the bun in my opinion.)

Next comes the teriyaki sauce. Do not use a teriyaki marinade here. You want a glaze that sticks to the hot dog when you remove it from the heat. I used Kikkoman brand since it was the only one available in the supermarket, but I suggest branching out and trying something more authentic if you can find it.

I am happy to report that most every supermarket I walk into now carries some type of nori. Whether it is good nori or not is still a question, but it is roasted seaweed nonetheless. With that said I have to send you to an Asian market for your nori. The stuff at your local supermarket usually sits around for a while and is over priced by nearly 100% in my latest price comparison.

Here is where I deviated from the traditional terimayo Japadog. Instead of using Japanese mayo, I used the dynamite sauce from a few nights ago and I added some caramelized onions too. Kewpie brand mayo is the easiest to find Japanese mayo and the most iconic as well. (The stubby guy on the bottle still makes me laugh to this day.)

The Terimayo Japadog:
2 hot dogs
2 medium-large hot dog buns
2 tablespoons butter
3 to 4 tablespoons teriyaki glaze
Japanese mayo, dynamite sauce, or regular mayo
Nori, cut into thin strips

1. Toast the buns in a toaster while the hot dogs cook, or toast them in the butter before you cook the hot dogs. (Toasting them in the pan will require a little more butter though.)
2. Melt the butter in a small skillet and then cook your hot dog to your desired doneness. When they are done, add the teryiaki glaze to the pan and coat the hot dogs with it.
3. Assemble the hot dog with the mayo and nori to taste and serve with edamame.

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