Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Maryland Crab, Scallop, and Saffron Terrine with Garlic Mayonnaise

Okay you caught me. I lied. I had a little free time to put this together two nights ago combined with a early morning to write this post so yes, I am posting before May 10th. Anyway this recipe came straight form Polcyn and Ruhlman's book Charcuterie and it is my first attempt at cooking in a terrine mold.

All in all I would say this first attempt went well. I was afraid of many things going wrong during the whole process, but this came out just as well as I could have expected. Not that I was surprised though. Even though this was my first terrine recipe, the process was actually very simple to get to the end product. Seriously, the only difficult part of this recipe was getting the plastic wrap to stick to the sides of the mold. After about 10 minutes of fussing around with the stuff I came up with a little technique to get it right. Not bad for a first attempt?

Since I haven't much experience with terrines I probably don't have the authority to say this, but I will anyway. Buy a terrine mold and put it to good use. A terrine, pate, or mousseline is a quick, simple, and effective way to cook for many people at once, plus you are sure to make something special each time. (Almost no one makes their own terrines anymore.) The terrine I made here took very little time to make and it can feed 48 people as a light appetizer, or 24 as a more substantial appetizer or salad. The only downside to this specific recipe was the price. However, most terrine recipes in Polcyn and Ruhlman's book tend to be on the cheaper side of this recipe. (Mainly since they utilize very cheap cuts of pork as the majority of the ingredients.) Terrine molds go from $30 to $220 and they come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. I suggest buying a cheap one and experimenting with this cooking technique if you want to make something different for your family and friends.

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  1. Looks good. Much nice than my first pate attempt. I don't remember if this one has the pate spice mix in it. I thought the clove in that Charcuterie recipe over powered the other spices.


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