Sunday, June 3, 2012

Making Quick Iced Coffee

As we gently waltz into the months of Summer the usual hot coffee is becoming a non-option as we walk out the door to work or to run errands. Myself, I almost always have my coffee cold all year round. I see how that doesn't make sense during the Winter and such, but whatever. The fact is a boiling hot cup of coffee during hot and humid weather makes even less sense to me, so I am going to share my method of making a quick cup or two of iced coffee.

Now there are many techniques to making a cold cup of coffee. The most popular being the cold extraction method. I myself have never tried it, not because I am skeptical, but just because I've always been happy with the way I make my iced coffee. The cold water extraction method also requires a little forethought, and if you're in a rush to go to where you're going it is just out of the question. As you will see, my method takes the same amount of time as making your regular cup of coffee.

The idea here is to double the amount of coffee that the water passes through to make a super strength brew. We then pour this super brew into a cup filled with ice and maybe some dairy product to dilute the rocket fuel then finish with more ice if necessary. Just make sure no one mistakes the double strength coffee for the regular stuff!

Quick Iced Coffee:
Your choice of coffee
Milk, cream, or half and half (optional)
Sugar (optional)

1. Prepare your coffee in your usual manner but double the amount of coffee grinds per cup of coffee that you would normally use. (I use 2 tablespoons per cup of water for dark roasts and 4 tablespoons per cup of water for light roasts.)
2. When the coffee is done percolating or steeping completely fill a cup or glass with ice. Fill this with your regular amount of cream and sugar.
3. Pour the coffee over the ice until the cup is 80% full and then add more ice if desired.

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