Friday, September 7, 2012

Eric Ripert's Salmon Rillettes in Vol au Vent

Well here is another quick post before I dash off up to the Adirondacks this weekend. Last night I used left over puff pastry and made some vol au vent casings. Vol au vent casings can be filled with a lot of things, and I decided that Eric Ripert's Salmon Rillettes could be one of them. The casings were awesome with the half smoked and half poached salmon. The main thing I would change about Ripert's recipe is the use of straight mayonnaise to coat the fish. It reminds me of tuna salad or something. Maybe crème fraîche and mayonnaise in a 50-50 split would work better?
Read more to see how to make vol au vent.
Vol au Vent:
Vol au vents are super easy to make if you buy puff pastry at the store. (It should be in the frozen section with the phyllo dough and tartlet casings.) Once you have the dough all you need to do is cut it to size. assemble, and bake. To learn how to do this, follow the video below:

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  1. I love Salmon and always almost keep using the same recipe..this is so good!..a perfect start to my morning.


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